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We the undersigned urge the Mayor of Hamilton, the Minister of National Defense and the Premier of Ontario to declare an emergency and negotiate the use of the John Weir Foote Armouries in Downton Hamilton to accomodate the homeless men and women living in tents in and around Hamilton during the coldest days of Winter.

The Armouries have room and facilities thatare ideal for a warming centre.  The men and women of the CAF after often deployed for domestic emergenceis.

Under sections 276.0 to 276.3 of the National Defence Act the Candian Armed Forces(CAF) can be called upon by a province or territory to help civil authorities when they are unable to deal with a situation with their own resources. In the case of a severe homelessness crisis exacerbated by winter conditions, this could include logistical support, setting up temporary shelters, or providing emergency supplies and medical aid.

Hoemlessness is a crisis and winter exacerbates that crisis and creates an emergency situation threatening the lives of men and women of our community.


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